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Toccara Nicole’s Services

10 Week Self Publishing Book Camp

  • Mastering the M.E.E.T Framework
  • Getting Started Start with the Brain Dump
  • Outlining Equals The Roadmap
  • Why Proper Grammar is Golden
  • Why Create Digital Products and How to Create Them
  • The Power of Formation
  • Creating Lead Magnets
  • The Power of Canva as an Author
  • How to Select or Create Your Own Book Cover
  • How to Build Your Email List
  • How to Become an Amazon Bestseller
  • Best Ways to Use Amazon
  • Marketing 101
  • Understanding the Editing Process
  • Developing Your Pitch as an Author
  • How to Launch Your Book Project
  • Ways to Build Beyond the Book
  • Post Launch Coaching Sessions
  • Special Expert Guest Facilitators

Becoming an Author in 28 Days

  • Build Your Book from Scratch
  • Introduced to Techniques to Own Your Voice as an Author
  • Learn Ways to Develop Your Craft as an Author

Build Beyond the Book

  • Authorship to Entrepreneurship
  • Brand Expansion Strategy
  • Building Around Your Written Content


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