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Toccara Nicole

The Identity Architect

Toccara Nicole

The Identity Architect

I help entrepreneurs and storytellers monetize their genius by owning and building their personal and marketplace identity.

A CEO, Identity Coach, Publisher, Author, Empowerment Speaker, and Small Business Consultant who assists her clients to monetize their genus. She uses her authentic ability to pour into the lives of others to build their brands, confidence, and business strategies. And many refer to her as The Identity Architect and Coach, she assists Millennial and Generation X women in discovering their personal and marketplace identity through using powerful insight, discernment, and sensitivity

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Working with Entreprenuers, Creatives and Authors to BUILD BEYOND their comfort zones.
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Simply Toccara is just that...real, raw, full of energy and funny! Toccara Nicole is all about sharing, leading and loving people, especially Millennial and Generation X women. On this channel, Toccara Nicole will talk about life, relationships, fashion tips and all things that make Toccara Nicole the powerful woman she is.

Men...Toccara Nicole has nuggets for you too!


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